Eye Witness: The End of White Rule in Rhodesia

This episode takes our listeners on a remarkable journey into the tumultuous period of the 1970s in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, as seen through the lens of James McManus, the former Africa correspondent for The Guardian. McManus was not just a journalist chronicling events from the periphery; he was in the thick of it, engaging with pivotal figures who would shape the course of the nation's history.

In an era marked by political upheaval, civil strife, and a tug-of-war for power, McManus met the staunchly pro-white minority rule leader, Ian Smith. His insights into this enigmatic figure shed light on the psyche of a leader desperately clinging to the vestiges of colonial rule. Equally compelling is his account of Robert Mugabe, the charismatic anti-colonial leader, whose transition from liberator to dictator left an indelible mark on Zimbabwe.

Yet, McManus' narrative is not limited to these towering figures. He delves into his encounters with a myriad of African nationalist leaders, painting a multi-faceted picture of a continent in flux, and a nation on the cusp of monumental change. Drawing from these rich experiences, McManus has penned his latest novel, "Love in a Lost Land," a poignant tale that encapsulates the passion, peril, and paradoxes of this transformative period.

Join us for a deep dive into an era that redefined the African continent, as told by an eyewitness who stood at the crossroads of history. Whether you're a history aficionado or simply intrigued by personal tales that mirror broader societal shifts, this episode promises a captivating listen.