Merze Tate - Groundbreaking scholar of colonialism and disarmament

In this episode of the Explaining History podcast, we turn our focus to the remarkable life and enduring legacy of Merze Tate, a groundbreaking intellectual whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the study of international relations, disarmament, colonialism and post colonialism, race, gender and injustice. Joining us for this exploration is esteemed Professor Barbara Savage, an expert in African American history and culture.

Professor Savage guides us through the extraordinary journey of Merze Tate, the first African American woman to attend the University of Oxford and to earn a Ph.D. in government from Radcliffe College. We delve into Tate's remarkable achievements in a time of significant racial and gender barriers, highlighting her role as a pioneer in academia and diplomacy.

The discussion illuminates Tate's influential work as a historian and political scientist, where she challenged conventional narratives and offered fresh perspectives on international relations and peace studies. Professor Savage shares insights into Tate's unique approach to scholarship and her impact on the field, particularly in understanding the dynamics of imperialism and disarmament.

Listeners will gain a deeper appreciation for Tate's contributions, not only as a scholar but also as a role model and mentor to many. The episode also touches on the challenges Tate faced, including the racial and gender discrimination of her era, and how she navigated these obstacles with resilience.