Why did Tut become King at age 9 and how did he die? How do Cows make Milk? Who made the First Ice Cream?

Hello and welcome to episode 32 of Everything Under the Sun, a weekly podcast answering all the most pressing questions children around the world have about life on earth.

Our first question comes from a whole class full of children, from Year three at Bolton Primary School, they would like to know: Why did Tut become King at age 9 and how did he die? To answer it I have a historian named Justin Pollard who has made a TV series about the Egyptians for the BBC and knows all about them!

Next up we have a question Kal-El and Liv, they would like to know about cows and how they make milk! We find out how cows make milk for the same reason humans do, to feed their babies. How much food they need to eat to make milk, how they digest food in their four stomachs and how cows make much more milk when they have names!

Our third question is about ice cream! And is from Charlotte, she would like to know who made the first ice cream?

We can’t know for sure who made the very first ice cream as lots of countries came up with some kind of frozen milky delicious pudding. But we find out all the different countries that have come up with ice creams in different ways! We talk about the first ice cream shop in England, some recipes and an unusual flavour in Turkey called fox testicle ice cream, made of orchids.

We also find out who won a copy of Nick Caruso’s book, Does It Fart?

Remember! If you have a question you would like answered on the show or in the Everything Under The Sun BOOK all you have to do is ask an adult to record you asking it and ask them to send it into me at molly@everythingunderthesun.co.uk Or as a fun end of term thing to do why not get your whole class to send in a question! Just play your teacher this episode and see if he or she would like to do that! The questions will be in the book too.

A huge thank you to Justin Pollard for telling us all about King Tut, to Nick Caruso and Quercus books for a copy of Does IT Fart now on it’s way to its winners and of course to Year 3 at Bolton Primary School and their teacher Ms Harkin, Kal-El, Liv and Charlotte for this week’s lovely questions! 

I’ll be back next week answering more questions from children around the world in another episode of EUTS. Do send in your questions, there’s info about how to do that on the show’s website, everythingunderthesun.co.uk.

Remember, the questions will now also be in a BOOK, I need all the questions soon as I’m busy writing away so please do send them in as soon as you can!

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Thank you and GOODBYE! X

Justin Pollard - https://www.unitedagents.co.uk/justin-pollard-0

Does It Fart - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Does-Fart-Definitive-Animal-Flatulence/dp/1786488264

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