Red for Reads on RHOA + Vacationing with RHOC, RHONJ, & RHOD!

Danny is breaking down RHOA, RHOC, RHONJ, and RHOD! LOTS of Housewives. On Atlanta, we explore the music budget and the Reads in Red party at Lake Bailey. Over on OC, the women are in Florida. Tamra pulls out her boobs twice this episode, likely leaving the Bravo editor who has to censor her every episode exhausted. In New Jersey, Marge tries comedy and the women ride horses in poop water. Finally, the Dallas group is entering the red light district and watching sports.

RHOA- 6:55ish

RHOC- 21:51ish

RHONJ- 40:50ish

RHOD- 52:02ish

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