SEASON 2 CASTING CALL: We Need Your Stories!

The votes are in, the people have spoken. Season 2 of Everyone Has An Ex is coming your way and we need your help!

We are searching for our next 10 incredible stories and this mini episode details the kinda stuff we're looking for.

For Season 2, we want to hear tales of fetishes, cat-fishing, open relationships, unrequited love, forbidden love, sexual UN-satisfaction, break-ups and make-ups and we especially want to feature a guy telling his story...because men feel heartbreak too!

Everyone has a story! You've heard Season 1, you know our style, so get in touch with the following details:

  • Your "AHA!" moment (when your story moves into that 'unconventional' territory)
  • How long you were together
  • Timeframe (if it's super fresh, we may suggest you leave yourself with your emotions for a little longer before making it public)

Email us:

If we think your story has what it takes, someone from the minty media team will contact you to discuss your story in a little more detail. From there, we’ll select 10 of the best to feature in Season 2. 

We know that any story that deals with past love or it’s associated heartbreak is deeply personal, so we also want to let you know that any submission is treated with respect and privacy, and yes, names can be changed to protect that for you. so get in touch! We can’t wait to hear your story. 

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