BONUS: The Psychology of Relationships with Sabina Read

In this bonus episode, Georgia Love speaks with Psychologist, Sabina Read, about the common themes that led to heartbreak and hope in Season 1 and unpack the "why's". Why do people cheat? Why do people lie? Why do men tend to move on quicker than women after a break up? How can you best deal with break up grief? And why did some of you have certain reactions to some of our ex stories and not others? Sabina offers an insightful, thought-provoking and intelligent point of view that will provide perspective and challenge the way you think about relationships.

Sabina is a Psychologist, Media Commentator, Speaker, Facilitator and also the Co-host on a wonderful new podcast called Human Cogs, which shares the real, raw, and very human stories of extraordinary ordinaries and we highly recommend you subscribe via Spotify! You can also connect with Sabina here:



Instagram: @sabinaread


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