BONUS: Human Cogs Presents - Georgia Love Has An Ex

In this very special bonus episode, we are re-publishing an interview that Psychologist, Sabina Read and her pod-partner, Journalist, Madeleine Grummet conducted with our very own Georgia Love about her ex, for their podcast, Human Cogs.

You'll remember Sabina from our last bonus episode. Our brilliantly insightful guest who delved deep into the psychology of the common themes from Season 1. Well, Sabina was also pretty interested in the psychology behind why someone who's happily engaged, spends all their spare time making a podcast about people's breakups and it turns out, Georgia has an ex story too.

For the first time since that breakup five years ago, the mic has been turned and Georgia re-opens those old wounds and shares her very personal story.

Humans Cogs brings you conversations that inspire and delight by bringing extraordinary ordinaries into the light. Our guests take us deep to explore universal human truths, start the candid conversations we need to have, and get beneath the skin to the real things that make us who we are. Hosted by renowned psychologist and media contributor Sabina Read, and award-winning entrepreneur and journalist Madeleine Grummet, each episode features real conversations with extraordinary guests who reveal what makes them tick, share lessons on living and loving well, and challenge what we think we know about ourselves, each other and the world around us. Human Cogs is a point of connection for us all – celebrating and reflecting on the things that bring us together, and the things that tear us apart.

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