Newborn: A Mother and Baby - Daniella Moyles

In this episode of everymum the podcast host Sinead O'Moore is joined by Daniella Moyles to celebrate the birth of her newborn and her new self. 

Nothing can prepare you for motherhood because nobody has walked your journey to get here, nobody has had your birth and nobody has had your baby. Together you are completely newborn. 

As a trainee psychotherapist, author of Jump, a book about re-finding yourself in this intense world and of The Stll and Balance Body Training, Danielle entered motherhood with a tool kit to support her body and mind. 

We talk about birth, oxytocin, epidurals and maternal strength.

We talk about self doubt and deep love. 

We talk about breastfeeding and a new found respect for women. 

And we talk about how when a baby is born so to is a mother.

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