Forget the online version of motherhood...with Dearbhla Toal aka Belle Azzure

Dearbhla Toal, or Belle Azzure, joins me to talk about all the challenges of motherhood, and how she's passionate about keeping things real when it comes to her own experience of being a parent. Expecting her second baby, Dearbhla is a parent to a toddler. She’s also a personal trainer, a Google marketer and an online influencer – you can imagine my first question was HOW?

Dearbhla says it's not easy and she wants to show on social media that perception is often not reality. We talk about her struggle with chronic sickness during pregnancy, how it impacts her Crohn's disease and how fitness and health is so important to her. We also talk about online comparison among mothers and how to avoid it.

I hope you enjoy my chat with the lovely Dearbhla, and you take some comfort knowing that what you see online is – a lot of the time – not truly representative of real life.

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