Three time participant and two time runner-up, German group Wind, has made a mark in Eurovision history. But due to a high rotation of members in this Ralph Siegel-powered project, there is actually only one member who participated all times, Petra Scheeser. We talk about her memories of all three participations, despite what seems to be a slight case of amnesia on Petra's part, and of why she left the band soon after their last (?) Eurovision participation in 1992. Nowadays, she works on her new projects and is a very supportive mother of her daughter Julia Scheeser, who is an up-and-coming artist in Germany.

Legends: Wind

Songs: Für alle (Germany 1985), Laß die Sonne in dein Herz (Germany 1987) & Träume sind für alle da (Germany 1992)

Host: Emil Löfström


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