Philip Vella

The Eurovision career for Philip Vella started in 1997 when he was brought in to play the guitar for the Maltese entry, but it is as a composer he has made an enormous mark on Eurovision and on various national finals, in particular in his home country of Malta where he has competed with almost 80 songs. His first attempt was in 1994, and the first time one of his songs reached Eurovision was in 2000 with "Desire". Short of winning the entire competition he has reached almost any imaginable result, and this with such a varied style of songs that it is hard to believe that they were written by the same person.

In this episode, Philip and Emil takes a stroll through the highlights of this discography and we get to hear the stories behind the songs and the methods through which they came to be. He has also generously donated some copies of his latest record for the Eurovision Legends listeners.

Legend: Philip Vella

Songs: Desire (Malta 2000) 7th Wonder (Malta 2002) On Again...Off Again (Malta 2004) Vertigo (Malta 2007) Vodka (Malta 2008) Breathlessly (Malta 2017)

Host: Emil Löfström


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