In 1995, young singer Liora Simon was paired up with the song "Amen" by super producer Shlomo Zach, unknowing that the composer Moshe Datz had changed his mind and wanted to sing the song himself as Duo Datz when it got accepted to the Israeli preselection Kdam. Nevertheless, she competed and won, beating among others future winner Dana International, and got to represent Israel in Dublin, reaching a respectable 8th place. However, the success wasn't only positive as it pigeon-holed her into a genre that she didn't quite feel at home in, and the singer, who was born to Libyan parents, has had to fight to be able to make the kind of oriental music she wants. The Israeli market couldn't really handle the transformation and Liora left for Argentina, were she developed her own style, which unfortunately was eclipsed by a new artist with a very similar style, Shakira. Today Liora is a yoga teacher who lives in the present and hardly remembers important parts of her past, such as the fact that she recorded a French version of "Amen".

Legend: Liora

Song: Amen (Israel 1995)

Host: Emil Löfström


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