Lill Lindfors

Sweden's start to their Eurovision adventure started out rather unimpressively, but that all changed in 1966 when they decided to send Lill Lindfors and Svante Thuresson with a quirky jazz waltz duet to the competition. To this date this is still the only second place for the country.

In this episode, Emil will talking to Lill Lindfors who, despite her huge career in both Sweden and Germany, never had another song in the competition, but "Nygammals vals" is still not her biggest impression on our beloved contest. That instead came in 1985, when she was chosen to host the contest upon Sweden's second victory the year before. Her calm demeanour, impressive languages skills and, above all, her little skirt trick that made the EBU executive supervisor Frank Naef furious, set an impressive standard for years to come and she is still considered one of the best hosts in Eurovision history.

How much does she remember, why wasn't she nervous, and what does one of Sweden's most loved artists do today, at 80 years of age?

Legend: Lill Lindfors

Song: Nygammal vals (Sweden 1966)

Host: Emil Löfström


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