Lazy Bums

For the Israeli pre-selection KDAM in 1987, a song called "Shir Habatlanim" had been selected as one of the contestants, but no artist was interested in taking this totally chanceless song on, especially since there were some really big names among the other competitors. The obvious solution was, of course, to put the song in the hands of arranger genius Kobi Oshrat and two Shakesperian actors with an affinity for the movie Blues Brothers.

One of the first humour acts in Eurovision history was born as the song won the competition against all odds and went to Brussels where the two artists - Nathan Datner and Avi Kushnir, also known as "Lazy Bums" - rebelliously treated nothing but the performance itself seriously and just had fun.

Listen to Nathan Datner describe the entire adventure, which made both him and his partner superstars, and what happened afterwards when they tried to return to their regular lives as serious actors.

Legend: Nathan Datner from Lazy Bums

Song: Shir Habatlanim שיר הבטלנים

Host: Emil Löfström


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