James Fox

Future winner of the Eurovision, James Fox did not recieve a very good result when he competed in 2004, but the song still became a huge hit in the United Kingdom, and is actually the last song to date to pull off that feat. According to himself, this wasn't the last time he participated, though, since he claims to have written a Eurovision winner that he plans to compete with in the future. Contrary to what you might think, he is not related to his namesake Samantha Fox, since his last name is actually "Mullet" (which in Swedish means "hockeyfrilla") Since Eurovision, he has played in front of the royal family, on Broadway and for British troops overseas in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. We also get to premiere his brand new single "Fire and Coal''

Legend: James Fox

Song: Hold on to our love (United Kingdom 2004)

Host: Emil Löfström

Contact: emil@schlagervannerna.se

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