Ismeta Dervoz

Ismeta Dervoz might not be the most famous name among Eurovision fans, but her love for the contest is huge and her adventures within it are numerous and really, really exciting.

It started in 1976, when she as the lead singer of the Yugoslavian group Ambassadori might have been the only artist to date to perform without any makeup on, due to an Italian mishap.

She later switched careers to work as a journalist for radio and television, and when Bosnia and Herzegovina became independent in 1992 she was the one who made sure that the new country took a place on the world stage by participating in Eurovision.Given the circumstances, this was no easy task though, and the stories she tells us about those first years sound more like the plot of a James Bond movie, with a lot of help from generous people all over Europe.

Since then she served some years in the Bosnian parliament, and nowadays she is an activist and works to get her country back into our beloved Eurovision.

Legend: Ismeta Dervoz from Ambasadori

Song: Ne mogu skriti svoju bol

Host: Emil Löfström


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