Ilinca Băcilă

Ilinca Băcilă started her career in talent shows at a really young age, showcasing her self-aquired talents as a yodeler of all things.

It was due to this unusual talent that she was offered the song that had recently been turned down by another artist for Eurovision 2017.

It took some time for the song to find its shape, but it was finally turned into a duet between Ilinca and rapping rocker Alex Florea.

On site in Kyiv the duo fared much better than the other group, but what else does Ilinca remember? Apparently not the moment when she became a meme without even noticing it, due to Alex Floreas spontaneous kissing techinque.

Legend: Ilinca Băcilă

Song: Yodel It (Romania 2027)

Host: Emil Löfström


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