Dafna Dekel דפנה דקל‎

Emil has, thanks to the very helpful Uri Kabiri, come in contact with the beauty with the big black curly hair who sang to us that it was just a game - "Ze rak sport" - in 1992. Did you know that she only agreed to participate in the Israeli pre-selection once her manager, Shlomo Zach had assured her that there was no chance that she would win? We all know how much that promise was worth since she did win a very tough instance of KDAM with a margin of just a single point, but why didn't she want to win? You will learn this and much more about Dafna Dekel when you listen to this episode, like the fact that she learned French just to be able to host the Eurovision in 1999 and fell in love with the language.

Legend: Dafna Dekel דפנה דקל‎

Song: Ze rak sport זה רק ספורט (Israel 1992)

Host: Emil Löfström

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