Habitual loser-country Norway had competed in the Eurovision since 1960, but were more famous for their last places and "nil points" than anything else. That all changed when two extremely lively ladies, who had both competed in the Eurovision before, joined forces and performed the upbeat happy-pill "La de swinge" and won in Gothenburg 1985. In this episode the girls have met up again and we talk and laugh not only about "La de swinge", but also about their numerous other participations in both Eurovision and the national pre-selections of Norway and Sweden, even though Elisabeth cannot quite remember them all, despite having prepared a list! But did you know that it was close that "La de swinge" never happened, since Elisabeth was considered for the Swedish Melodifestivalen that year, or that Norwegian surefire-recipe-for-victory composer Rolf Løvland submitted a song for consideration for Just 4 Fun in 1991? Songs we of course get to listen to in this episode where Emil desperately tries to cover two amazing careers in a limited time.

Legends: Bobbysocks (Hanne Krogh & Elisabeth Andreasen

Songs: Lykken er (Hanne, Norway 1971)

Dag efter dag (Elisabeth as part of Chips, Sweden 1982)

La de swinge (Norway 1985)

Mitt liv (Hanne as lyricist, Norway 1987)

Mrs. Thompson (Hanne as part of Just 4 Fun, Norway 1991)

Duett (Elisabeth together with Jan Werner, Norway 1994)

I evighet (Elisabeth, Norway 1996)

Host: Emil Löfström


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