Porto, please don’t stop the music

In this episode of Europe Talks Back, Juli Simond tells the story of Bruno Costa, a Porto-based musician who has become the president of a musicians, artists, and shopkeepers association called Alma Stop. The association was set up to protect the interests of the people who use the spaces at CC Stop -or just Stop - a four-story shopping centre that has been sustaining Porto’s underground music scene for more than 20 years and is home to an estimated 500 musicians.


Today, the continued existence of the Stop community is under threat from the local authorities but Bruno Costa and its fellow musicians are fighting to keep it open. Reporting on the ground by April Clare Welsh


“I don't know a place where people can go and establish a community like this at all. There's just something special about this place and about the people here” - Bruno Costa



About our reporter: April Clare Welsh


Key moments


00:00:04 -Intro

00:01:28 -The story of Bruno

00:03:46 - How Stop was born (during the late 80s)

00:06:29 - The risk of shut-down

00:08:15 - Public demonstration of support

00:11:10 - The bigger picture

00:13:08 - The fight must go on

00:16:47 - Credits


Credits and staff


The second season of Europe Talks Back is produced in partnership with Sphera Network, the first network of independent media in Europe to reinvent the media space and paint a new picture of the continent through impactful, unbiased, raw, and authentic stories.


The producers of Europe Talks Back are Maria Dios and Alexander Damiano Ricci.


The host and narrator of this episode is Juli Simond.


Sound editing and mixing is by Jeremy Bocquet.


Reporting for this story by April Clare Welsh.


The executive producer of Europe Talks Back is Alexander Damiano Ricci.


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