How is podcasting transforming the European Media landscape? - Part 2

This special episode of Europe Talks Back is the second part of the recording of a panel debate held on the 12th of October at  Bozar in Brussels, moderated by Alexander Damiano Ricci and organized by Sphera Media Lab and Arty Farty.


Today, Alexander Damiano Ricci and his guests discuss how podcasts have increased the quality of information in the European media landscape and how to save them from misinformation. Also in the show, an interesting discussion between the panelist and the audience on the podcasting landscape.


The guests are:

 Ana Ribera García-Rubio  (Editor in chief at  PRISA Audio I ES)

Jenny Tsiropoulou (freelance journalist and independent podcaster I GR)

 Evi Kiorri  (podcaster, host of Beyond the Byline - Euractiv I NL)


Key moments

00:00:04 - Intro

00:00:42 - Q&A for the panelist

00:02:48 - Jenny Tsiropoulou responds

00:07:15 - Quality information 

00:08:25 - Evi Kiorri and misinformation

00:10:30 - Ana Ribera Garcia-Rubio's point of view

00:12:00 - Jenny and quality information

00:13:02 - Alex summarizes

00:14:00 - Comments from the audience

00:15:00 - Panelists respond

00:20:10 - Credits


Credits and staff


The second season of Europe Talks Back is produced in partnership with @Sphera Network, the first network of independent media in Europe to reinvent the media space and paint a new picture of the continent through impactful, unbiased, raw, and authentic stories.


The host of this episode is Alexander Damiano Ricci.


Sound editing and mixing is by Jeremy Bocquet.


The producer and executive producer of Europe Talks Back is Alexander Damiano Ricci.


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