EGSM 9: Yarrr! (Pirates)

Drink up, me hearties, yo ho! In today’s episode, Fay, Helen, Jeremy, and Nemo are talking about pirates: the history, the legends, and the stories that are still being written about them today.

The Storage Papers:




Content warnings:

  • Occasional beeping 
  • Innuendo 
  • Discussions of: racism & colonialism, death (inc. murder), violence (inc. guns), trauma 
  • Mentions of: homelessness, kidnapping, sexism, war, alcohol, ghosts, surgery, slavery, suicide 

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Directed and hosted by Helen Gould

Featuring Helen Gould, Fay Roberts, Jeremy Enfinger, Nemo Martin

Edited by Marisa Ewing & Jeffrey Nils Gardner

Produced by Lowri Ann Davies

Executive Producer: Alexander J. Newall and April Sumner

Music by Samuel D.F. Jones

Art by Anika Khan

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