ASHRITA FURMAN, Guinness Book of World Record Holder for Most Guinness Book of World Records

CATIE LAZARUS hosts EMPLOYEE of the MONTH and records most of the podcasts live at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City. Employee of the Month is a talk (and awards) show about what it truly means to have a dreamy job. Who better to be selected as an EMPLOYEE of the MONTH than Ashrita Furman. He is the Guinness Book of World Record's holder of most Guinness Book of World Record titles.

Ready to be inspired? According to The New Yorker, Ashrita has "set more world records than anyone ever has: three hundred and sixty-seven. Currently, he holds a hundred and thirty-one records, one of which is the record for holding the most records."

Among his zillions of feats, Furman has done twenty-seven thousand jumping jacks, done in six hours and forty-five minutes, sliced the most apples in the air with a samurai sword, ran the fastest mile pushing an orange with his nose and pogo sticked and hoola-hooped under water.

Please enjoy our interview where he pogo sticked onto a black box theater...