CYNTHIA NIXON talks about casting when you're non-white, hetero male and political activism.

There are actors who anoint themselves activists, without considering that most activists don't suddenly claim they are actors, simply because they bought movie tickets. That said, there are consummate professionals, like Emmy, Tony and Grammy Award winner CYNTHIA NIXON, who will consciously support causes.

Nixon has her plate full with upcoming films, like LIFE ITSELF, JAMES WHITE, and STOKHOLM, PENNSYLVNIA; directing a one woman show, and prepping to play Emily Dickinson, among other gigs, but she is passionate about certain causes. We spoke about how she chooses what she gets involved with and what it means to be an activist.

Cynthia also weighs in on the challenges of breaking into Hollywood, when you aren't a blonde Barbie doll or white bread beefcake, as well as the hard part of turning down roles when you finally get enough traction as an actor to enable other voices to be heard.