Kathleen Hanna, Piper Kerman, Jon Ronson & Maria Dizzia

MEMO RE: Employee of the Month

To Whom It May Concern:

Employee of the Month is a talk show, where I ask people about their work. It's where we spend the majority of our time, so why not hear from folks who love what they do? I'm not saying they love doing their taxes or every job they take on or the time they got fired, or the other time they got fired. What's important is how they dealt with these inevitable obstacles, stayed on task, found their North star, or discovered it was actually in the Southern hemisphere. Do they meditate with their eyes closed or open? I still don't know. Do they enjoy their duly deserved success? I hope so and if being awarded an Employee of the Month doesn't spell success, what else can. (Now is not the time to bring up true love, Pulitzers, and 401K plans, ingrates!)

For this episode of Employee of the Month, I interviewed a journalist, actor, memoirist, and a punk rocker. They all possess talent, discipline, a keen desire to have a positive impact on society, and...