Judy Gold talks Holocaust jokes, Louie C.K., and sexism

While Steve Martin and Ricky Gervais dove into stand-up after they’d made a name for themselves and enough money for their great-great grandchildren’s grandchildren to never need to work, Judy Gold got her start in stand-up. It wasn’t easy to miss the 6’3, religious Jewish lesbian on the line-up, but it was her fearlessness and hilarity which won crowds over. She made a name for herself in theater, starting with her two one-woman shows 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother and The Judy Show, but she has more recently appeared in Shakespeare in the Park. We spoke about why she takes acting classes and her first job on Roseanne to Louie. When not performing stand-up or acting, Gold is also an Emmy Award-winning TV writer and producer and hosts her own podcast KILL ME NOW.

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