Reggie Watts on Creating Virtual Reality and How it Increases Empathy, and on Keeping His Night Job

Three-time Employee of the Month winner, Reggie Watts, returns to discuss his latest, greatest project Runnin’, which expands the cathartically original, prolific, and mischievously wry comedian, musician, and dancer’s oeuvre. Catie Lazarus spoke with Watts about burn out, why he can’t quit his night job, and his recent foray into VR with Runnin’, which premiered at Sundance. The Film Festival is known for launching acting and directing careers, and given the breadth of VR experiences on display as part of their New Fontiers Exhibits, Sundance is proving equally deft at debuting inventive interactive and immersive technology. Watts teamed up with the remarkable producer and director Kira Benzing, and the delightful composer John Tejada, so that you can strap on the clunky goggles and dance like no one is watching. We spoke about the process of creating a virtual dance party - the first of its kind - and how Watts thinks it will enhance empathy. Runnin’ certainly offers the escapist fun of tripping without a hangover, and will delight fans of all ages.