SUAD AMIRY, Syrian-Palestinian, on diaspora, dyslexia, dogs, and mother-in-laws

SUAD AMIRY is an architect and e founder of RIWAQ: Center of Architectural Conservation in Ramallah, Palestine. While spending 42 days under siege with her mother-in-law in Ramallah in 2002, Amiry started writing e-mails to a friend, who recommend she turn her adventures it into a book. The result was her debut memoir “Sharon and My Mother-in-Law,” which became critically acclaimed, translated in nineteen languages, and was released by Random House in 2006. She has continued to write about Palestinian life under occupation, including, “Nothing to Lose But Your Life" and "Gold Slept Here." We spoke about why architects are often dyslexics, part-time husbands are the best, Palestinians are never heard, and why mothers-in-law and dogs unite us all.