Dr Tracy Mountford | Everything you need to know about aesthetic procedures.

Dr Tracy Mountford is an internationally recognised, multi-award winning and leading aesthetics expert and she makes her return to the podcast to discuss what expectations are realistic when you head to an aesthetician for a cosmetic treatment.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Whether you get what you pay for.
  • What Tracy considers to be red flags when looking for an aesthetician.
  • The secret to getting your 'tweaks' right so you don't look 'done'.
  • How to approach cosmetic treatments depending on your age.
  • Why a good skincare regime has to compliment any treatments or procedures you undergo.
  • What actually happens when you have an injectable and how long before you'll see results.
  • Why a good aesthetician will say 'no'.
  • The difference between preventative treatments and those that reverse and much more...

For more information about Dr Mountford or her clinics visit -- https://www.cosmeticskinclinic.com

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