Mandy Saligari on our addiction with food.

Mandy Saligari is an addiction expert who I asked to join me to discuss our relationship with food. While addictions to drugs and alcohol are widely known and somewhat understood, the sometimes toxic bond people can have with food is much muddier terrain; not least because we all need food to survive.

In this episode, Mandy and I discuss:

  • How negative feelings around food can creep up on you and begin to feel 'normal'.
  • When food becomes a medication for emotion.
  • How, when talking about an addictive process, it comes back to your relationship with yourself.
  • How food and the attachment and intimacy process and your relationship with money all operate in a triad. Read: if you have issues with food, it's likely you'll have issues with money and relationships.
  • How food can be used to bury the feelings you don't want to face.
  • Why making anything, be it a diet or fitness regime, a magic bullet is a mistake.
  • The shame that surrounds our relationship with food and how we can feel like failures because of it.
  • The role of denial and deceit in how we behave around food.
  • Why asking yourself 'what do I need?' is a vital question and one we often ignore.
  • How to learn to notice the difference between emotional and physical hunger, and much more...

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