How to be Hopeful with Bernadette Russell

Bernadette Russell is a writer and performer who is also an expert in kindness and hope. In 2011 she happened upon an idea, to do a daily act of kindness every day for a year, and quickly learned how quickly kindness can spread and how, if you actually look for it, you can see kindness everywhere.

In this episode Bernadette and I discuss:

  • The benefits of kindness.
  • What to do if kindness isn't accepted.
  • How to manage your expectations around kindness.
  • The positivity bias that exists in children that we lose as we age.
  • The link between hope and compassion.
  • How hope can gather pace when you share it with others.
  • How to use hope as a way to quiet negativity.

Bernadette's book How to Be Hopeful is available now from all good book shops.

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