Health Special | Hormones in Lockdown

Dr Elaine McQuade returns to the podcast to talk about the very real impact lockdown and the stress of a pandemic are having on our hormones.

The first thing to you need to know is, it's completely normal, and not unexpected, to be feeling out of balance. Tune in to hear Elaine's strategies for getting you feeling your best.

Links from the show:

Qi Gong

Supplements to help with stress and sleep: Ashwaganda - adaptogen for helping to manage stress . Good for mood and energy .

Magnesium is nature’s tranquilliser and Nutri Advanced MegaMag Night Formula is a great choice, just be warned as can cause diarrhoea for some who are sensitive to magnesium.

Nutri Advanced MegaMag Calmeze for daytime use and curbing feelings of anxiety.

CBD oil for calming Kloris 500mg 5% CBD Oil.

Elaine's tips for lockdown. 

Try and maintain routine 

1 Sleep hygiene 

2 Regular meals good fats and protein with each meal help balance blood sugar and manage mood swings and hormones. 

If you are suffering from a loss of appetite, smoothies, fruit, veg and some protein powder and fats ( avocado/nut butter ) as a meal substitute . Try to avoid processed food, sugars and either eliminate of limit alcohol. 

3 Exercise - walking in nature, online yoga, or own routine.

4 Journaling gratitude diary to try and maintain some positivity and rewire the brain in this challenging time. 

5 Connection, if you are feeling challenged reach out - message a friend. You are never alone and we are all ( yes all !!) going through our ups and downs . 

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