Feel-Good Habits Reloaded | Really Ree

Really Ree is a content creator who joins me on the podcast to share her feel-good habits, the strategies she uses and recommends to make sure every day is a good day.

In this episode, @reallyree shares:

  • Why it's so important not to let 'the buggers get you down'.
  • Why you can't avoid negativity so you just have to develop the skill of ignoring it.
  • The value in feeling your feelings when you're not feeling at the top of your game, acknowledging them and then moving forward with purpose. This is especially useful on Monday mornings...
  • The challenges that come with working for yourself when you're the employee and the boss.
  • Taking the time to know what makes you happy.
  • Why it's other people's problem if they don't appreciate you.
  • Why you haven't failed until you quit.
  • Why doing the thing you like doing the least should always be at the top of your to-do list - and you should always try to do it quickly!

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