Feel-Good Habits | Hayley Hasselhoff

Hayley Hasselhoff is a curve model, actor and creative director who joins me on the podcast to share her feel-good habits, the strategies he uses and recommends to make sure every day is a good day.

In this episode, @hhasselhoff shares:

  • Why starting her day with the three ‘Ms’ of mindfulness, movement and mental engagement is a helpful way to begin the day.
  • Why she loves tapping herself all over with a bamboo stick, as recommended by @katie_brindle, to stimulate blood flow and get her circulation going in the morning.
  • How she discovered @powerplateusa during the lockdown and it helped her appreciate the benefits of body vibration.
  • The value she finds in being organised and how creating a sense of preparedness through organisation is an act of mindfulness for her.
  • The breathwork she learned from @breathpod and why the 4-4-4 breathing exercise is helpful at times of high anxiety.
  • Why she never travels without a singing bowl and how sound healing works for her.
  • Her love of essential oils and how ‘charging’ crystals with intention allows her to benefit from their healing benefits.
  • Why it’s important to prioritise mental engagement with other people.
  • How she’ll shower twice a day and use a shower before bed to wash away the day.

Hayley’s podcast Redefine You with Hayley Hasselhoff is available now on all good podcast platforms.

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