Habit 7 | Can I break my smart phone addiction?

Phones are wonderful, aren't they? What used to be about making calls is now much more about having the internet, and therefore the entire world, within arms reach. I love my phone, but possibly a little too much. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm addicted and with research and statistics showing that this sort of addiction can affect your physical and mental health, it's time to put some limits in place so I don't fall foul of the luxury of having everything at my fingertips.

It was Sali Hughes feature on The Pool - Smartphone Addiction made me anxious, restless and muddled - that left me with no doubt I had an issue with how much I was using my phone, whether that was to actually do something or just to while away the time.

So, for my seventh #26habits I'm going to be putting limits on when I use my phone, will be changing a little-known setting to make it much less desirable, turning off a very specific function (clue: it's the one apps and sites always ask you turn on) and putting some physical distance between me and my device.

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