Dr Nicole LePera on coming unstuck.

Dr Nicole LePera is a psychologist who joins me on the podcast to talk about how we can stop feeling ‘stuck’ in our lives.

I read her book How to Do the Work earlier this year and was floored by how helpful it was and have been sharing it far and wide ever since. The premise is that by recognising our patterns, which may be self-sabotaging, we can heal from our past and make the progress we want to make in our lives.

During our conversation, @the.holistic.psychologist and I discuss;

  • Why it’s okay and actually very common to feel ‘stuck’.
  • How we can be sabotaging ourselves without even realising it.
  • Why facing up to the role you play in your own life can be confronting.
  • Why living on autopilot pulls you away from the present.
  • The importance of our basic needs to be seen, heard and to be able to express ourselves.
  • We also dig into the empath and narcissist dynamic and why we can be drawn to people, time and again, who are wrong for us.
  • How do know and set your boundaries and so much more…

We cover a lot of ground in this episode so I’d love to hear your thoughts or any topics from our conversation that you’ll like me to expand on in future episodes.

Nicole’s book How To Do The Work is available now from all good book stores and her podcast, Selfhealers Soundboard is available whoever it is you listen to your podcasts.

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