"Go Shawty, it's your birthday..."

It's the podcast's 3rd birthday and to celebrate I thought I'd bring you some of my favourite moments from the last three years of podcasting. Specifically, I wanted to share with you the insights from my excellent guests that have really struck a chord with me personally and have proven to be all at once inspiring, motivating and reassuring.

Leona Lewis talking about pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone in her appearance on the show back in April 2017. For the full episode -- Leona Lewis on The Emma Guns Show.

Mally Roncal came on the podcast in Dec 2018 and talked about the importance of being true to yourself. For the full episode -- Mally Roncal | Hustle, Heart & Happy.

Michelle Visage joined me on the podcast back in June 2017 and her insights on meditation and visualisation really resonated with me. For the full episode -- Michelle Visage | Visualisation, Drag Race & a Black Corvette.

Joanna McGarry is a dear friend and someone whom I find personally and professionally inspiring, plus she single-handedly validates my love of ratchet TV. For the full episode -- Joanna McGarry | Adding threads, back-to-school and reality TV.

Elizabeth Hurley shared some sage advice about learning to say 'no', managing stress and learning to relax. For the full episode -- Elizabeth Hurley | Ambassador, Happiness and saying 'no'.

I let Eve blow my mind (not sorry) with her insights on mental health, ambition and not being distracted from your goals. For the full episode -- Eve | Risks, Affirmations & 'Philly Hustle'.

Everyone needs someone like Alyson Hogg in their lives. She has, since this recording, become a friend and if that's not a reason to celebrate the podcast, then I don't know what is. For the full episode -- Alyson Hogg | Bless Your Heart.

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