Bullet Points | Managing Loneliness.

In this episode, I talk through some tactics that may help, in the short term, if you're feeling lonely. Whether it's because of the lockdown restrictions, the new 'normal' of working from home or because you've just found yourself in a situation where you're alone a lot, and that's uncomfortable or not preferable to you, then these strategies may be helpful.

  • Avoid falling into the comparison trap. In other words, don't measure the value of your life and experience against others, especially if the medium via which you are comparing is a social media platform.
  • Use your social media profiles for good and if that means muting a few people then so be it.
  • Lean into boredom. And I mean really lean into it.
  • Be physical and use exercise as a way of breaking up the day.
  • Get outside and really appreciate the sights, sounds and how it feels to be out in the fresh air. It's proven to reduce blood pressure and help with feelings of depression.
  • Rather than focusing on all the things being alone aren't allowing you do, focus on what being alone does allow you to do.

If you're really struggling with loneliness and need support then visit The Samaritans or seek support from a service such as Self Space.

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