Beauty Special | Understanding the skin’s microbiome with Lancôme.

This episode of The Emma Guns Show is brought you in collaboration with Lancôme.

Annie Black is Lancôme’s International Scientific Director, and she joins me in this beauty special to explain what the microbiome is, why we all have one that’s completely unique to us and how we can look after it for optimum skin health using Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum.

Annie not only explains the extensive research that has gone into creating a product, the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum, that supports a healthy microbiome but why it’s universal and can be incorporated into anyone’s skincare regime regardless of age or skin type.

In this conversation Annie and I discuss:

  • What the microbiome is and why it’s fundamental to skin health.
  • How the microbiome can be compromised and how that’ll look and feel on our skin.
  • The role that the topical application of prebiotics and probiotics plays on supporting our microbiome.
  • The clinical trials and research over nearly 20 years that have informed the experts and Lancome into how to create skincare that promotes optimum skin health.
  • The results you can expect from using Advanced Génifique serum and how to incorporate it into your current skincare regime.
  • Plus Annie also shares the one thing she wishes people wouldn’t do their skin.

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