#736 Can you be happier in your relationships?

In this episode, I'm joined by psychotherapist and couple's counsellor Jessica Baum to discuss attachment theory and how to move away from anxious and toward secure attachments.

Anxious attachment can look one of two ways. There’s anxious-ambivalent attachment, which can look like neediness and can go hand-in-hand with low self-esteem. They may crave connection but are always fearful that people don’t want to be with them. There’s a fear of rejection or abandonment, which may make them clingy

Then there’s anxious-avoidant where people will avoid connecting with others and may rely on themselves and find confronting emotions difficult. These people may look confident and self-sufficient but may be struggling to build healthy relationships.

The good news is that by deconstructing your attachment style, if any of this sounds familiar, and doing ‘the work’ Jessica goes into in the show, you can move away from anxious attachments towards secure ones.

Jessica's book Anxiously Attached is available now.

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