Habit 20 | Hitting the RESET button

If you've ever felt frazzled, found yourself scrolling holiday destinations on instagram or just felt like you've taken too much, your first thought might be to spend a fortnight on a white, sandy beach, down tools for a week or just stay in bed for a few days. When none are an option, is there a way to reset and recharge? In this new habit I'm going to see if something as simple as being rigid about when you wake up and when you go to bed can lift the sense of overwhelm, create a feeling of being a bit more in control and help you navigate those times when you just feel like the only thing that'd help is a relaxing holiday. Let's see if there can be a rest in resetting...

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Lewis Howes and The School of Greatness podcast on How to Manage Anxiety, Burnout and Overwhelm.

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