Dealing with Insomnia.

In this episode I share the tips I've used for dealing with interrupted sleep and insomnia over the years. One in four people suffer with sleep issues and it's not a lot of fun, but there are a few small lifestyle tweaks that can make a huge difference to your quality and quantity of sleep.

  1. Blue Light has a Dark Side via Harvard Medical School.
  2. Understanding the Body's Internal Clock via
  3. How Exercise Impacts Sleep Quality via National Sleep Foundation.
  4. What is Intermittent Fasting and Will it Help your Sleep?
  5. Guided Meditation for Sleep by Kirsty Raynor. Yoga for Bedtime by Adriene Mishler.
  6. This Works Pillow Spray and Sleepy Time Tea.
  7. I Tried Tidying up every day before bed for 32 day and here's what happened...

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