The Elimination Show: Dairy, Sugar & Gluten.

This episode of the show follows a slightly different format from the usual long-form interviews. I'm talking all things elimination and by that I mean the unavoidable topic of cutting out particular food types. I'm not, for one second, suggesting that anybody cuts out either dairy, gluten or sugar without good reason - consulting a GP or nutritional therapist, for example, should be the first move. However, if it is a decision you have come to then this show features interviews with three real women who, for reasons of their health and/or wellbeing, have cut out either gluten, dairy or sugar. 

The purpose of this podcast is to simplify what can be a bamboozling topic, not to promote the idea of making radical changes to one's diet.

Judy Johnson from e-zine Get the Gloss.

Before we get into the interviews I asked Judy Johnson (@jjjourno/@judy_jay) from Get the Gloss onto the show to talk about the rising 'noise' around clean eating movements, elimination and extreme diet regimes. If you're interested to hear her views on the recent Horizon documentary you can read them here >> Is Clean Eating Just the Scapegoat for our own Confused Relationship with Food?

Layla talks changing taste buds...

Talking about her reasons for and experience with cutting out dairy is Layla Randle-Conde (@laylabombayla) from Earth Zest Cosmetics. The unexpected side-effect of no longer consuming dairy is one I certainly hadn't expected...

Scroll to 13:00 for my interview with Layla.

More addictive than a Class A drug?

Joining me to talk all things sugar is Emma Stavrinides (@moreliemoo/@emmastavrinides) whose experience of cutting out the sweet stuff when her health was threatened was featured in a Women's Health article here >> Real Life: I lost 4 stone in 9 months. Her perspective on looking at it as a lifestyle change, not a diet, is a useful one.

Scroll to 27:30 for my chat with Emma.

Tired of your tummy troubles..?

Finally Lauren Naylor (@laurenpnaylor/ opens up about her years of embarrassing IBS attacks and how cutting gluten from her diet made all the difference. If you've suffered with IBS - and Lauren doesn't hold back in her description of some of hers - then you may be interested in how cutting out gluten has helped her manage them.

Scroll to 53:00 to hear Lauren's story.

If you did catch the Horizon Documentary: Clean Eating the Dirty Truth you might like to read this piece by Zoe Harcombe (@zoeharcombe) on the Clean Eating Movement.

As I've mentioned, this podcast does not support eliminating anything from your diet without first finding out if it's necessary. With the noise, confusion and sometimes conflicting information around the best diets, how to eat and what to avoid out there, what I'm supporting is the idea of being informed. 

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