Joanna McGarry: Adding threads, back-to-school and reality TV

Joanna McGarry (joanna_mcgarry/joanna_mcgarry) joins me to talk about 'adding threads' to her considerable talents. A beauty journalist for over a decade Jo recently made the decision to embark on a full-time degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. 

The idea of a 'mid life leap' - making a dramatic shift from a career to a calling - has been around for some time, but in Jo's case she is broadening her knowledge, rather than choosing one over the other. I couldn't wait to sit down with Jo to find out why Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture called to her and how she was going about continuing to contribute to one of the country's most popular magazines as their Beauty Director-at-Large.

In my time with Jo we talk in detail about how she came to make the decision, what it's really like to go back to school in your thirties and why timing was an important factor.

Somehow, via talk of meditation, we also bond over a love for reality TV, where we sourced our style inspiration as teens without the likes of instagram and twitter and how mindfulness is playing a role in both our lives.

links to the podcasts, books, features and documentaries mentioned in the show...

Tim Ferriss - 'The Human Guinea Pig' - find his podcast archive here...




the podcast jo was listening to...

The Tim Ferriss podcast Jo and I talk about is: Tim Ferriss: The Art and Science of Learning Anything Faster.





Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind over Body on Amazon



    The book Jo was reading...

Dubbed 'popular science writing at its very best' and on Jo's reading list was: Cure: A Journey Into the Science of Mind over Body by Jo Marchant. The book/website Jo referred to as an entry-point for meditation and mindfulness is: Mindfulness: Finding Peace in  a Frantic World.

Audrie & Daisy: A Netflix Documentary




the documentary jo recommends...

The must-see documentary Audrie & Daisy, which is available on Netflix.

Jo's library of features and interviews can be found on her Author Page >>

    Joanna McGarry - beauty director at large

Jo's feature archive can be found on the Stylist website on her Author Page.

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