Daniel Sandler: Creating beauty icons, the power of transformation and getting on with it...

Daniel Sandler (@danielsandler) is the creator of the beauty icon Watercolour Blush and one of the most prominent names in the beauty industry. His career spans over 20 years and in this episode of the show we go right back to where it all began. 

Daniel tells me about his freckly teen years in London and how he dove into make-up for its ability to transform. We talk about his career working on some of the most iconic faces in fashion, being in the mix during the 90s and the era of the supermodel and how he turned his passion for 'naturally glamorous' make-up into his hugely successful product line. 

Daniel is incredibly wise and I could listen to him all day, not just because of his story-telling, honesty and experience, but because he has a voice as smooth as a cup of Cuban coffee. 

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