Ask me Anything & a Special Guest

It's time for another Ask Me Anything episode and in this show I answer some questions from the Facebook Group for the podcast. I asked my brother, Gavin, to help me with this show so he's asking the questions and offering some input of his own.

The Blue Yeti microphone I bought for under £100. I now use a Zoom H4N and two Behringer microphones.

Joe Rogan can be found on here >> Twitter, Instagram, Podcast, Youtube.

Dr Rhonda Patrick, whose video with Joe about time restricted eating was mentioned in the episode can be found here >> Found my Fitness, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Apple Podcasts.

Dr Jason Fung also talks about fasting and time restricted eating on his Youtube channel.

The DNA test I had was with Dr Sohere Roked at Omniya Clinic in Knightsbridge.

For fitness and workouts:

The One Minute Workout by Martin Gibala.

Jamie Foxx on The Tim Ferriss Show.

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