Habit 4 | Is sobriety the way forward?

#26habits is teaming up with The Pool (@thepooluk) and in this fourth habit I'm going to be exploring the benefits of being tee-total with Junior AV Producer Hannah Varrall (@hannahvarr).

Neither of us would say we have a problem with alcohol, we both fall into the camp of being pretty indifferent to it until it's in front of us in social situations, but is it doing us more harm that we realise?

Is casual drinking, when alcohol is a known depressant, a problem in a time when more and more people are citing struggles with stress and anxiety?

We're almost conditioned to believe that a drink will 'take the edge' off a hard day, but what lies beyond that moment? We're going to find out...

Hannah and I are going to be each other's buddy while we navigate this new world of saying 'no' to a drink at the bar or declaring 'not for me' when we're out with friends, when there's no excuse other than, 'I've just decided drinking isn't for me.' 

During these two weeks I'm going to speak to people who have quit drinking for their physical health, to increase their productivity or because they felt it posed a threat to their mental health and ask them how abstaining from alcohol changed their lives. 

And I want to hear from you. Is this something you've done? Have you quit alcohol and seen a massive benefit? Or do you think a drink every now and again is perfectly fine? Tweet me at @emmaguns and @thepooluk or slide into DM on instagram @emmaguns and @thepooluk.

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