Bonus Show | Coronavirus - where to get your info.

In this episode I share the links to resources I think you may find useful in understanding the current situation, as it stands, with the Coronavirus.

Joe Rogan speaks to Michael Osterholm, an expert in infectious disease epidemiology and author of Deadliest Enemy: Our War against Killer Germs.

🎧 The Joe Rogan Experience #1439 - Michael Osterholm.

📺 The Joe Rogan Experience #1439 - Michael Osterholm.

James Altucher speaks to Dr Stanley Perlman and Dr Eric Ding.

🎧 James Altucher - 554 Coronavirus Emergency Update: I talk to two top specialists.

🎧 The Daily from The New York Times.

🎧 A Virus' Journey Across China 30/01/2020.

🎧 Fear, Fury and the Coronavirus 13/02/2020.

🎧The Coronavirus Goes Global 27/02/2020.

🎧 Confronting a Pandemic 12/03/2020.

🎧 Learning to Live with the Coronavirus 13/03/2020.

Tim Ferriss speaks to Jack Kornfield.

🎧 The Tim Ferriss Show #414 Jack Kornfield -- How to Find Peace Amidst Covid-19, How to Cultivate Calm in Chaos.

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