Habit 3 | Early morning meditation

It's time for my third #26habits and after 48% of you on twitter and 60% of you on the Facebook group voted for Daily Meditation it's the habit I'm tackling next.

Sitting quietly every day seems like quite a singular pursuit so as with all these #26habits I want there to be take-away for you, my lovely listeners. I'll be keeping a journal of the benefits I feel straight away and over time, how easy it is to incorporate into my day and much more during the two weeks, but I would love to know what questions you have about this particular habit.

For this challenge I will be using the Headspace app, which I personally started using about 18 months ago when I was struggling with anxiety. It's now an app I use semi-regularly, but not as much as I should...

Email me at thebeautypodcast@gmail.com or DM me on twitter @emmaguns and instagram @emmaguns and I'll answer the questions in the next #26habits podcast update. To join the Facebook group click here >> The Emma Guns Show Facebook Forum.

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