Episode 136: Sneaky Johan Goosen, Newlands saga continues, Blues and Crusaders looking ominous

Apologies again for the late upload! Okes are struggling (or more accurately, the intern responsible for editing [lol] and uploading)

It's an all Dad crew on this episode of Elite Rugby Banter, with Alex joined by Ben and Adam as they discuss the cancellation of the latest youth tournament in Spain, Johan Goosen doing a Saracens, MLR, the Newlands sage continuing (with Adam of all people raging against "vested interests") and Super Rugby Aotearoa, where the Blues are looking dangerous, the Chiefs are missing a Brodie-sized hole in their tight five, the Canes imblanced loose-trio (with a length discussion on DuPlessis Kirifi of all people) and the Crusaders barely getting out of 3rd gear to punish the Canes, plus their flowing backline riches.

Music by @monstroid, 80s TV Show.